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New in: Regime des Fleurs Oahu Collection



New in: Regime des Fleurs Oahu Collection

Regime des Fleurs line is one-stop shopping for anyone looking for a sheer, clean, and aquatic style of fragrance that always brings something new to the mix.  Their fragrances are wonderfully original, featuring unique and exotic notes you won’t find anywhere else as well as possessing a sheer and light texture that’s a joy on the skin no matter the season.   This is definitely a line worth trying if you pride yourself on wearing truly singular and unique scents.

Regime des Fleur’s Oahu Collection showcases how compelling this line can be and is the brand’s first foray into multipurpose fragrances, or as Regime puts it, “For the skin, hair and the air.”  These are perfumes to be worn on the skin and to adorn your personal space – in fact, they’re part of a what Regime des Fleur’s calls their “Personal/Space” concept.

We are tremendously excited to say we now are carrying three fragrances from the Oahu Collection so you can see for yourself how magical they are: Vines, Falls, and Leis. Each of these three perfumes has its own distinctive voice, and breathes an elegant, laid-back effortlessness that seriously addictive and fun.


Vines features a dry, subtle fig note set against ripe, bursting citrus and deep green overtones. Sweet and tangy ambrette seed blends into a deeply sensual verdant infusion of musks and moss, making Vines an absolute must for green scent fans.  The herbal-tinged musk will be sure to impress anyone looking for a fresh new take on the skin scent style.


Falls is like wearing your own private island waterfall.  It’s wonderfully fresh and invigorating mix of ferns, mosses, and sunlit tropical spices will have you wishing your shower could hook up to the bottle itself every morning.  If you are wondering what perfume to choose as a morning ritual, look no further and start your day completely refreshed and relaxed.


Leis features Regime des Fleur complete confidence and originality in showcasing exotic, one-of-a-kind notes.  Leis features a stunning pair of Butterfly ginger lily and ultra-exotic pua kini kini top notes. Pua kini kini is Hawaiian for “perfume tree flower” and is the intensely fragrant white flower found woven into ceremonial lei necklaces.  Add rich, lush jasmine sambac, frangipani, and velvety tuberose, and you have a powerhouse floral that’s as mesmerizing as only a long vacation on Oahu can be.

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