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Best Grooming Product For No-Fuss Men’s Maintenance


Best Grooming Product For No-Fuss Men’s Maintenance

No time to spend hours getting ready in the morning? We’ve got all the products you need to take you from the shower to the office and after works drinks, so you can end the day looking as fresh as you started. These are our six grooming faves to help you nail smoother, softer skin in a flash.

Anthony Brands

Founded by entrepreneur Anthony Sosnick in 2000, Anthony Brands offers high quality, easy-to-use skincare solutions for men.

Glycolic Facial Cleanser

A true multi-tasker if ever there was one, this creamy wash strips away dirt and oil, gently exfoliates, softens and preps the skin before shaving.

Why you’ll love it: Thanks to glycolic acid, the facial cleanser eliminates dead skin responsible for ingrown hair, breakouts and razor bumps, ensuring a smooth shave every time.  

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After-Shave Balm

This super-soothing post-shave balm is formulated with aloe vera and allantoin, a non-irritating ingredient that stimulates the growth of new tissue, which is ace at alleviating razor burn and restoring the skin’s natural moisture.

Why you’ll love it: With lightweight texture and an ultra-cooling effect, the balm sinks into skin quickly and visibly reduces redness right after shaving.  

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Ernest Supplies

In 2012 John Cafarellli made a three-in-one moisturizer that simplified his skincare regime. Soon all of his friends started using it, so he created Ernest Supplies, a line of organic and all- natural grooming products formulated  to achieve healthy, clean skin.

360 Protective Eye Serum

This plant-based eye serum helps diminish puffiness and the appearance of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.

Why you’ll love it: When stored in the refrigerator, the cold serum works to de-puff the area in no time.

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Protective Matte Moisturizer – Tech Pack

An oil-control moisturizer packed with vitamins and plant extracts, this skin hero hydrates and protects against premature aging (so it’s a win-win all around)

Why you’ll love it: It’s made with natural ingredient that soak up excess oils, leaving a matte, natural finish with zero shine.

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Ever since launching their now-iconic Zirh CLEAN face cleanser in 1995, Zirh has been called the founding father of grooming world because of its no-nonsense approach to men’s skincare.

Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturizer

An ultra-hydrating face cream that targets fine lines and wrinkles, so the skin is left smoother and thoroughly quenched.

Why you’ll love it: Designed to stimulate collagen this moisturizer combats anti-aging , and won’t clog pores or cause irritation.

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Restore  Herbal Under Eye Cream by Zirh

Zirh’s specialized formula hydrates the super-sensitive area under the eyes to fight puffiness and dark circles.

Why you’ll love it: It improves circulation so it makes your eyes look more energized and less weary

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