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Nightlife Fragrance Guide: Bar Hopping in Style

Bar Hopping In Style
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Nightlife Fragrance Guide: Bar Hopping in Style

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Happy Friday, ladies and gents! Whether it’s celebrating the end of a work week or just starting the weekend early, it’s all about the pub-crawl with friends.

Time to try on that new little black dress and have some fun. The last thing you want to spray when you go out the door is some demure and sugary fragrance. The night is made for strong, sexy fragrances that enhance your attitude. Here are five scents that can help make your night anything but boring.

Bar Hopping In Style

Sensuous Nude By Estée Lauder

1. Sensuous Nude by Estée Lauder: This is the type of fragrance you wear if you want to feel like Joan Jett and her rock n’ roll lifestyle. With coconut, sandalwood and vanilla, the scent’s exotic aroma will have you cruising the bar scene with a devil may care attitude until the wee hours of the night.

Sexy Amber By Michael Kors

2.Sexy Amber by Michael Kors: If you want to leave an air of mystery, Sexy Amber is for you. Don’t let the name scare you, those at risk may be the suitors that drop like flies when they see you.  The lingering amber, white flowers and sandalwood will do its job of mesmerizing whoever you want to mesmerize.

Crystal Noir By Versace

3. Crystal Noir by Versace: If you are still apprehensive about wearing a spicy or oriental perfume, Crystal Noir by Versace can ease you into going from sweet to sexy. Crystal Noir by Versace, mixes sinfully sexy spice notes like sandalwood with sexy floral/fruity notes like coconut and gardenia. Crystal Noir by Versace will help you be nice and wild as you bar hop.

Be Delicious By Dkny

4. Be Delicious by DKNY: If sweet and girly is your style when hitting the bar scene, this fragrance has a scent of elegance and romance. Mostly a fruity floral with notes of green apple and magnolia, the lingering base notes are a mixture of flirt and seduction to give that slight sexy edge.

Scentbird: Crash Course in Smelling and Feeling Good

Barhopping has always been one helluva exciting endeavor. Meeting new friends, trying new drinks and expanding your social circle.

When you decide to go barhopping, make sure you do it in style. Because you know, you do not get a second chance at making an impressing first impression.

This is where Scentbird comes in the picture.

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