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Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: Midsummer Day’s Dream

Bella Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto Scentbird

Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: Midsummer Day’s Dream


Bella Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto

Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto is a summer soft fragrance adorned with feminine perfection!

We tend to think of summer perfumes as candy shop sweet, girly floral, casual scents, rarely being equipped with the needed refinement to soak up the praise of elegance.

Bella Vince Camuto elegantly disagrees.

Light, seductively refined with a touch of flirty, Bella Vince Camuto is a sure-fire amalgam of equal parts sensuality and elegance.

It opens with a luscious, appealing and intoxicating aroma of edgy bergamot, casually setting the scene for a delicately floral heart consisted of nectarine blossom and jasmine.

This is Vince Camuto’s vision of a modern perfume for the modern woman: edgy, powerful but nevertheless feminine, mirrored in the white amber base.

There is a poetic string in the perfume, coming alive by the magic of sun.

Bella is your mid-summer’s dream…

She thinks of it as her prelude to a dream. She is lying on the bed, wearing nothing but her love. She is cuddling with his favorite t-shirt and dreams of being with him are haunting her this very moment.

One day, she swears, I will rise up to the sky, pick up my dreams stuffed in a suitcase, and touch down with a new dream in my hands. I will do it, she swears, and falls asleep.

She does it all the time, with the moon being the only witness. She dreams, therefore she dares to do it. She rises above the rest, therefore she is!

Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto on Scentbird

Bella Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto Scentbird

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