We Got the Beat! 1980s inspired fragrances

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We Got the Beat! 1980s inspired fragrances

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The purple eye shadow, valley speak, preppy fashions, and the rise of individuality.

The 1980s were all about being bold. And that included hair, perfume and attitude.

We Got The Beat

Channel your inner Madonna or Molly Ringwald with these scents.

Opium By Yves Saint Laurent ScentbirdOpium by Yves Saint Laurent: When it came to ’80s fragrances, the emphasis from designers was to make a scent that was intoxicating and daring.Opium set the bar. Released in 1977, this spicy fragrance gained popularity in that opulent decade for its mix of spices and patchouli. This fragrance is ideal for those who want to channel actress Kathleen Turner’s star making femme fatale role in the sexy thriller Body Heat.

Romance By Ralph Lauren ScentbirdRomance by Ralph Lauren: When The Official Preppy Handbook was published in 1980, the best selling book spawned a trend that is still worn today. Whether a boy or girl, the signature ’80s preppy look was the all-cotton Lacoste shirt with the popped collar. Romance is the perfect accessory with its floral/fruity/spicy combo of white flowers, ginger and musk. Whether it’s attending a polo game or just seeing cape cod reminiscent band Vampire Weekend, this fragrance is the final touch to your prep ensemble.

For Her Eau De Parfum By Narciso Rodriguez ScentbirdNarciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Parfum: When it came to the ’80s, Molly Ringwald was the ultimate teen star of generation. With roles in Sixteen CandlesThe Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, many girls could relate to her film roles and unique, yet attainable style. Ringwald shines even more brightly as a girl who designs her own clothes, doesn’t follow the norm and captures the attention of two suitors in Pretty in Pink. If Narciso Rodriguez For Her had existed back then, this would have been her character Andie’s signature fragrance. With sandalwood, peach, patchouli and rose, it has that ’80s signature spice with a unique sweetness that would’ve enchanted even more love interests than Duckie and Blane.

Eros Pour Femme By Versace ScentbirdEros Pour Femme by Versace:  In that material decade, prime time soap operas were all the rage and Dynasty was the epitome of style and luxury. Millions of housewives tried to emulate good girl Linda Evans or bad girl Joan Collins.  They both may have been famous for their cat fights and stark differences, but both probably wished they had Eros Pour Femme on their beauty nightstands. Released in 2014, this musky sweet fragrance has citrus oils mixing with white floral heart laid on musky base, the essentials for an unapologetic presence guaranteed to alert anyone that you have arrived.

Live Colorfully By Kate Spade ScentbirdLive Colorfully by Kate Spade: Live Colorfully woman wishes she had lived back in the 1980s when greed was good and style was everything. She’s just a material girl living in a material world. This fragrance has the spirit of the 1980s. It may have sweet notes like gardenia, tiare flower and water lily but coconut is blended for a seductive 80’s attitude for this decade.


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