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Let’s Misbehave! 1920s Inspired Fragrances

Lets Misbehave 1920S Inspired Fragrances
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Let’s Misbehave! 1920s Inspired Fragrances


The bob haircut, the raised hemlines, red lipstick and love of jazz.

The flapper was the ultimate icon of the roaring ’20s where women had the ability to party as hard as the boys.  From voting rights to independence, women had a sense of freedom that had been stifled since the Gilded Age.

Let's Misbehave! 1920S Inspired Fragrances

Here are five perfume from or similar to the 1920s, to make you feel like Daisy Buchanan or Louise Brooks dancing the Charleston.

Petale Noir By Agent Provocateur

Petale Noir by Agent Provocateur: For those who admire Daisy Buchanan’s fragile simplicity and allure in The Great Gatsby, or Zelda Fitzgerald who was the inspiration for the character,  Petale Noir would have been her signature fragrance. This oriental floral fragrance has carefree violet and hyacinth while leather, amber and woodsy notes give it that magnetism that made Jay Gatsby  and F. Scott Fitzgerald pine for Daisy/Zelda’s love and affection for years.

Versace Bright Crystal AbsoluBright Crystal Absolu by Versace:  When Clara Bow hit the Hollywood scene, she became the original it girl even starring in a movie called It. Sweet yet flirty, she became a superstar of the Jazz silent age. Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace perfectly encapsulates her free spirit, ability to melt men’s hearts. A citrusy floral scent, it has bergamot, pomegranate seeds and a bit of peony for a floral sweet, carefree, mischievous fragrance.

Amor Amor In A Flash By CacharelAmor Amor In a Flash by Cacharel: Actress Louise Brooks was the complete opposite of sweetheart Clara Bow. Brooks was the mysterious woman who invented vamp in her silent films like Pandora’s Box. Her famous haircut and grace made her one of the iconic flappers. Amor Amor In a Flash by Cacharel is perfect for her exotic presence and intoxicating glamour. This fruity spice scent contains caramel, cinnamon, candy apple and vanilla. Not only for the demure, this perfume is for the vamp in all of us.

L`Eau Ambree By PradaL`Eau Ambree by Prada was released during the jazz age, then this would be the perfume Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly or Sally Bowles would most likely wear before they hit the stage to sing and dance their heart outs.  A citrusy amber scent with patchouli and vanilla, its sophistication and chicness will make you stand out at any party or gathering.

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