If wearing fragrance is a must for you when traveling, Abbott NYC is one-stop shopping for your next must-have scent.

Their website overflows with evocative, natural imagery: the windswept beaches and perfectly-weathered shacks on Cape Cod lead into the vast spiritual expanse of the Mojave desert in full bloom. Each fragrance has its own page and color palette – complete with wonderful, personal backstories about how each locale inspired the fragrance profile. Not only will you be curious about the scents, but Abbott’s unadorned sincerity about the natural world will inspire you to whip out your Osprey bag and plan your next road trip.

Put simply, it’s impossible to resist the lure of adventure while browsing their fragrances. Scentbird is very excited to offer two of Abbott’s releases to whet your wanderlust: The Cape and Mojave. Both of these fragrances can be worn by either sex, and offer vivid, soaring impressions of deserted beaches and mesmerizing desert vistas. They are dry and engaging fragrances with subtle, spice-rich textures that blend seamlessly into the natural splendor of the outdoors or the urban ambience of your favorite restaurant.

If you’re looking for a laid-back scent soundtrack to your next exotic destination, there’s a cozy complexity here that shouldn’t be missed.

 The Cape:

Invite the invigorating rush of sea breezes against warm skin with an uplifting and fresh blend of bright, crisp mint and tangy, exotic ginger. A soft, mossy base conjures up the natural beauty of salt water and the seashore, whether you are catching the next wave or collecting tide-polished shells.


Dry, exotic spices hover on the skin with an invisible, warm desert heat. Bitter, zesty bergamot and crackling black pepper combine over a brushed tobacco leaf base. This is a cozy, and aromatic fragrance with a bright and nuanced blend of intriguing and tempting spices.




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