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Best Rose Beauty, Skin + Home Products on Scentbird


Best Rose Beauty, Skin + Home Products on Scentbird

June is National Rose Month (rosé you say? Wine lovers know that was June 9), and to celebrate the most romantic flower of all, we’ve rounded up all of the Scentbird products that fall into this divine fragrance family.

As skincare enthusiasts know, rose-water is having a bit of moment this year, but this brilliant bud has long been heralded for its benefits – for skin, mood and ambiance. Scroll down to see our rosy picks for June – and beyond.  

Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish

Rose Prosecco By ScentbirdFormulated with rose water  and exfoliating red rice powder, our  Rose & Prosecco Airy Body Polish is packed with anti-inflammatory  and lathers up pretty perfectly in the shower. Rose and prosecco are basically a match made in aromatic heaven: floral, fizzy and totally lovely. Plus, the polish is an idea antidote to dry post-beach skin. You’re just a quick rinse away from lush, smooth skin.

Modern Rose Lip Balm

Modern Rose By ScentbirdModern Rose lip balm delivers intensely hydrated, luscious lips. Imbued with rosehip oil is, avocado oil and green tea extract  the formula kisses the the lips with a silky sheen.

The rose note here is more of a green, dewy rose – fresh and unexpected – and awakens the senses. Scented lip balms sit close to the nose, so you know we took care to ensure this fragrance was on-point for those long-wearing days.

Rose & Prosecco Hand Cream

Rose Prosecco By ScentbirdMore rosehip oil (because we can’t get enough)! Rosehip is one of those hero products, because of its delicate fragrance and its multi-purpose powers. Our hand cream is very lightweight, super-absorbent and deeply moisturizing (some of us may use it on legs and arms, too).  

Rose & Prosecco Scented Candle

Rose Prosecco CandlesLike your very best Valentine’s Day (the one your other half didn’t forget, and instead doubled up on bouquets – that one!), our rose-infused candle is a tribute to love, lovers, falling in love, staying in love – you get the drift. Our hand-poured soy candles are pretty dream – and are always being restocked – but this sparkling floral accord is definitely special. Special moments call for bubbles and flowers, and our slow-burning scented candle does the tricky, whether you’re feeling a bit sentimental or not.

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