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My Morning Routine by Lisa: Scentbird Spills All


My Morning Routine by Lisa: Scentbird Spills All

I love skin care, and if I had endless hours in the day I could spend a LOT of time doing face masks and a whole cleanse, exfoliate, toner, serum, oil, etc. routine, but in the morning I tend to keep it pretty standard as I do have a day job.

We all know being dehydrated = the cause of everything bad, from your skin to your life. So I try to chug a glass of water as soon as I get up to get a head start on my hydration game. After that, this is what a typical morning getting ready looks like for me.

  1. Facial Cleanser – I have somewhat sensitive skin so I keep it simple with a really gentle, sensitive-skin cleanser from Neutrogena – doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry after.
  2. Body Cleanser – In the shower I’ll use Scentbird Coconut and Sugar body scrub. I’m into this currently because I feel like my skin needs a little extra exfoliating in the summer, but this doesn’t leave my skin dry or irritated. It also smells great!
  3. Apres Shower – I’ve been using this Light Sesame Body Oil from Neutrogena for years that I put on while my skin is still a little wet and then air dry. It smells nice and feels luxurious.
  4. Moisturize – Glossier priming moisturizer for face, with a little extra on my cheeks. It’s light and buildable and keeps my skin dewy perfect in the summer. I’m going for dewy but not sticky, and this seems to strike a good balance.
  5. Lip balm – My coworkers can attest to my obsession with our Scentbird lip balms, I’ve been going through the samples at a pace that some find troubling. But they’re so moisturizing and just the right amount of shimmer for a day time look.

Besides that, I keep my makeup very minimal for a work day – just mascara and maybe blush. In the winter, I’ll switch out the scrub for one of the creamy, moisturizing Scentbird body washes, and my facial moisturizer for a heavier one, because my skin tends to get dry.

Lisa Packard, Email Marketing Manager

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