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New on Scentbird: Maison Molinard

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New on Scentbird: Maison Molinard


Originating from Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, Maison Molinard is a powerhouse enchanting with olfactive creations that set the standards of excellence, quality, and tradition in modern perfume making industry.

Founded in Grasse, Provence, Molinard is the oldest perfumery house of its kind.

Molinard story dates back to 1849, when Hyacinthe Molinard set his shop in Grasse to sell Eaux de Fleurs. Due to his endless passion for creation, this little shop quickly earned a reputation as one of the best perfumeries under the bountiful Riviera sun, attracting clientele with a deep pocket and high standards.

AmbreIn 1920, Molinard took the perfumery world by a storm by launching a women’s fragrance with vetiver, a note that until that very moment was considered a strictly men-reserved note. Habanita redefined fragrance codes and etiquette, a trailblazing trait that Molinard is particularly proud of.

Fast forward the 21st century, Molinard is now driven by the wild, creative and artistic force that is Célia Lerouge-Bénard, the fifth generation of perfumers and the first woman executive in the Maison Molinard. Her olfactive visions are now widely available with the distinctive Molinard label, including three fragrances that have been added in Scentbird fragrance portfolio:

  • Ambre by Molinard: Oriental notes of patchouli, musk and vanilla warmed up by incense and geranium blend in a sophisticated scent that lingers beautifully, creating an aura of mystery. Recommended as a date night scent, especially for its oriental seductiveness and uninhibited femininity.
  • Figue by Molinard: The olfactive monologue of fig is bursting with delight in sensual and attractive way, loaded with Mediterranean sensibility and sense of style.
  • Vanille by Molinard: An oriental symphony of vanilla and heliotrope come together to create a sensual and exotic fragrant classic. Engaging the senses, this irresistible fragrance stops traffic and hearts.
Vanille Molinard


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