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New in: Floris London

For hardcore fragrance fans who only wear the most textured and statement-making scents, there has to be a place in your collection for the world of Floris London.  

Floris London is one of the oldest and most respected fragrance houses in England – their clients include Winston Churchill, among others.  And for true connoisseurs, especially of the gentile and buttoned-up elegance that exemplifies the English style of scent, this is the top of the mountain.  Floris London creates fragrances that somehow manage to be tremendously expressive and powerful, but subtle and refined. And if you have concerns about longevity or performance with your olfactory choices, put them to rest – Floris London will last for hours as it langourously develops on the skin.

Scentbird is overjoyed to include this iconic English line in our expanding luxury catalog.  Floris London’s Bergamotto di Positano, Cefiro, and Santal all expand on the established strengths of the Floris aesthetic, in fresh, energetic, and deeply dramatic fashion.   

Bergamotto Di Positano Floris

If you are a citrus/powder fan, Bergamotto di Positano bundles the plush softness of orange blossom with sharp, juicy, ginger and warm vanilla – all of which are accented with energetic green tea and smoky ambrette seed.

Cefiro Floris

If an eye-opening morning ritual scent that boosts your productivity is what you need, Cefiro’s sparkling orange citrus blend is heightened by ethereal layers of sheer jasmine.  This is the fragrance that will complete your “half-awake to ready for the day journey” in effortless style.

Santal Floris

And for the guys who need a major masculine statement – Floris London’s Santal fits the bill and then some.  Santal sculpts a powerful and elegant masculiniity from deep, full notes of green grass, cardamom, and cloves.  Underneath these briskly aromatic top notes resides a polished heart of sheer lavender, and dry, spiced nutmeg. Santal finishes strong with bracing cedar, sandalwood and vanilla.

Floris London is a huge staff favorite here at Scentbird, and no matter how you refine your style profile, you shouldn’t miss out on one the most respected and iconic examples of English perfumery.  This is without question one of the most well-made perfumes available today.

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