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Superfood Skin Elixirs From LOLI Beauty

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Superfood Skin Elixirs From LOLI Beauty

If you’re not familiar with LOLI Beauty consider this a gift from us to you. Everything about the brand, from its promise (more on that below) to its mission – using potent, food-grade ingredients that are responsibly sourced, to create custom beauty experiences – has inspired us to seriously up our personal care routine.

“When you blend food to make beauty, you make more of yourself. It’s powerful alchemy,” says Tina Hedges, LOLI Beauty’s founder, and we couldn’t agree me. LOLI, or Living Organic Loving Ingredients, is part of the Organic Trade Association, meaning all ingredients are cultivated naturally and certified organic. The brand’s multi-pronged promise involves developing fresh products and ideas, leading with intention, guaranteeing zero-waste and providing honest, clean beauty. LOLI is on a mission to stir up the beauty biz, and we couldn’t be more excited to feature them on Scentbird!

Here’s a rundown on our top picks: what they’re made of, how to use them and, of course, why we can’t live without them…


Plum Elixir

Best for: hydrating parched skin, chapped lips and damaged hair.

LOLI’s best-selling plum serum is sustainably up-cycled from the kernel of a French plum, and boasts food-grade seed oils. The formula is waterless, which means its pure, radiance-boosting powers are never diluted. What’s with plum seed? Well, according to LOLI, the superfood features vitamins A, C and E, and tons of essential fatty acids, which help protect against harmful free radicals. It’s totally vegan and emanates a delish, honey aroma.

When to use: apply to damp, clean skin as a serum or in place of your normal moisturizer. You can use it under makeup, or work it through your hair by massaging into the scalp before you jump in the shower. You can also use it on dry hair to amp up the shine factor, or mix it into a face mask or body scrub..pretty much anywhere that needs moisture to shine will benefit from LOLI’s Plum Elixir!

Tea Seed

Tea Seed Elixir

Best for: Combo skin: get a clear + dewy complexion with a non-greasy facial oil

A clever cocktail of sweet orange, pink grapefruit and nourishing oils made from tea seed, flaxseed and apricot, this elixir helps shrink blemishes, brighten the complexion and balance oil production (um, wow!). According to the brand, tea seed oil dates back to the Japanese geishas, who used it to remove makeup backstage and replenish their skin. Nowadays, we love it for evening out oily zones and dry patches, enhancing the skin’s overall luminosity.

When to use: 3 to 4 drops is all you need! Warm the drops in your hands and them press your palms against you cheeks, forehead, nose and chin for softer, smoother radiant skin in an instant! Plus, you can even add it your hair for glossy locks on the go.

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