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Meet Myth by Ellis Brooklyn



Meet Myth by Ellis Brooklyn

Myth Bottle

A fantastic perfume creates its own legend over time – fine fragrances become truly fine when enough people discover their mysterious appeal until everyone has heard of them, and a single release becomes iconic. 

So, kudos to Brooklyn-based Ellis Brooklyn for shortcutting the zeitgeist and naming their fragrance Myth.  A fragrance they flatly state is “worthy of the Gods” right on their own website.  And who are we to argue? Wearing a scent that’s already worthy of the Gods should make it super-easy to add it to your own, mortal collection. 

Not to mention the fact that founder Bee Shapiro is fiercely dedicated to ensuring her line is as eco-conscious as possible. Myth is a phthalates-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, eco-friendly perfume that’s responsibly-sourced and bottled with recycled glass, with labels written on Green Seal-approved paper stock.  Who says fragrance fashion can’t be a serious environmental statement?

And whether you actually need a fragrance that’s Gods-worthy or not, Ellis Brooklyn’s Myth definitely has enough intrinsic sensuality to instantly conjure any personal mythology you want the world to recognize. 

Myth begins with an energizing contrast between the bitter citrus feel of bergamot and the warm spicy heat of ambrette seeds and cassis.  Ambrette and cassis both have a slightly fruity tinge to them that’s expertly blended into the powdery, orange feel of the bergamot, so you get the best of both worlds right at the beginning before the buttery florals kick in underneath.

The heart notes include jasmine petals, Tiger orchids, and pink lotus.  The Tiger orchid’s naturally powdery and plush texture takes over from the bergamot’s dry zest, and allows the full, sweet jasmine to be the focus.  The pink lotus keeps the jasmine perfume from getting too heavy or thick, and the inner softness lotus offers helps define jasmine’s lushness even further.  Myth glows with a glorious floral sensuality.

The dry down is layered in decadent liquid musks punctuated with a ribbon of patchouli and sheer, white cedarwood.  The liquid musks are a standout in this scent and anyone with a serious musk habit should add Myth to the top of their list of “new must-try” fragrances. 

Ellis Brooklyn has definitely created a scent that will take your collection to new heights far beyond the mundane and the mortal. And if you’re a jasmine connoisseur or live and die for a potent musk-based perfume, Myth will light you up brighter than a sacrificial offering to the Gods themselves.  


The latest Ellis Brooklyn addition on Scentbird is West.

West is the first true citrus scent by Ellis Brooklyn, and this energizing fragrance is bursting with sparkling clementines, bright ginger, and warm, delicious amber. Aromatic accents of basil and vetiver add a spicy depth and complexity to this day-to-night stunner.

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