A powerful skincare brand with an inspiring backstory: Clark’s Botanicals

Clarks Botanicals

A powerful skincare brand with an inspiring backstory: Clark’s Botanicals

Clark’s Botanicals is a plant-powered skincare line infused with jasmine absolute, essential oils and botanical extracts to treat, soothe, balance and nourish your complexion. At the helm is founder Francesco Clark, who suffered a spinal cord injury that left him unable to sweat and release toxins, resulting in severely congested and sensitive skin. After experimenting for a few years, together with his father, a physician with a degree in Western medicine and homeopathy, Clark found relief in a homemade formula based on jasmine absolute. Today, this night blooming flower that naturally soothes and balances skin is at the heart of every Clark’s Botanicals salve.

Here are some of our fave Clark’s Botanicals products to try now on Scentbird:

Clarks Botanicals Dual Charcoal

Dual Charcoal Detox

Loaded with bioactives, the luxurious face wash is set to be your must-have to achieve a seriously smooth, glowing complexion. Japanese charcoal powder and activated charcoal combine to remove impurities and oil without stripping the skin. Jasmine, fruit enzymes and aleage help to soothe, nourish and protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

Clarks Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask

Deep Moisture Mask

Hit refresh on dry, lacklustre skin with Deep Moisture Mask. Supercharged with jasmine, algae and Japanese green tea, the mask instantly replenishes moisture and softens the appearance of fine lines. Thanks to its multi-purpose formula, the mask can be worn overnight as an intensive anti-aging treatment, or a daytime moisturizer. Talk about serious skincare.

Anti Puff Eye Cream Clarks Botanicals

Anti-Puff Eye Cream

Like coffee for your eyes, the Anti-Puff cream provides an antidote to fatigued eyes, fine lines and puffiness. Infused with jasmine and vitamins A, C and E, as well as hyaluronic acid and hexapeptide-11, the formula works to deflate the appearance of under-eye bags, while smoothing and refreshing the area around the eyes. Clark’s Botanicals pro tip: Store in the fridge for a cooling, eye-opening effect.

Clarks Botanicals 2

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