Match Your Clothing Style to Your Perfume: TGIFriday Perfume2 min read

05/08/2015 < 1 min read

Match Your Clothing Style to Your Perfume: TGIFriday Perfume2 min read

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Scentbird perfume meets style #perfumebrunch# weekend# #TGIFriday#Friday announces the coming of that time of the week when we finally get the time for ourselves. Some people call it me time, some people call it sleep time, others may call it the weekend.

When Friday rolls around, a certain energy arrives. Everyone’s relaxed, chipper, excited and romanticizing the longevity of the next two days. Everyone is a Friday daze, where heads are in the clouds instead of absorbing their work emails. 

Fridays are soon-to-be open white doors that transport people to a world they have never been before. There is an anticipation of what comes next, even if that next is a weekend spent in bed with a great book and warm coffee. Weekenders can roam the flea markets, looking for an orphaned item with a lonesome look in its eye, waiting to be loved.

What is the ideal Friday springtime perfume? Chloe Eau De Parfum by Chloe. It’s the perfect delicate, feminine scent. It’s rose, peony and lychee undertones play with the amber, honey and cedarwood notes, creating a sublime, warm, weekend scent. Be sure to wear it out to Saturday trips to the park and Sunday brunches, paired with an ivory dress and dainty flats. Sheer elegance.

Who can go wrong with a classic scent like Chloe?

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