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Make Your Scent Last Longer Than Your Newest Celebrity Crush


Make Your Scent Last Longer Than Your Newest Celebrity Crush

At this time of the year, you might start noticing that your fragrance doesn’t have the same staying power as it did during the warmer months. Luckily, your scent fairies at Scentbird know a few perfume longevity tips and tricks that are willing to share with you. Cold weather, you have nothing on us!


Between the Arctic winds outside and overcooked offices inside, dry skin is a common nuisance. The temps take a nosedive, so do the body’s moisture levels. Perfumes do not like to hang out with dry skin, so you need to attract them with little incentives, like upping up the hydration. 

Spraying the perfume after you shower works wonders in summer. In winter, pick the most hydrating body lotion, and then spray the scent. 


Another trick that will also heighten the sillage and prolong the lifespan of your perfume is its application on wet hair. As soon as you are out of the shower, spray just a bit on the hair ends. As the hair dries gradually, the perfume will also diffuse the scent with the same tempo. 


When choosing the spritz of the day, we’d recommend a perfume oil or eau de parfum instead of eau de toilette, simply because the latter has the lowest concentration of perfume oils and it’s more prone to fade than the mentioned oils or edp counterparts. 

Try Joya Composition No.1 Parfum Oil

Composition No.1 Porcelain Bottle

Composition No. 1 is a dreamy and decadent citrus scent with a deep, velvety texture. Top notes of Italian mandarin, Brazilian orange and quince slowly drizzle down to a sumptuous heart of tuberose, heliotrope, jasmine, and Damask roses. A resplendently creamy sandalwood note in the base cradles the scent in its narcotically plush sweetness.

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Try Oscar De La Renta Bella Essence Eau de Parfum

Bella Essence By Oscar De La Renta

Bella Essence is a velvety soft, sweet perfume blended with refreshing grapefruit zest. Rose note is plush, zen and inviting, but when the trio of patchouli, vanilla and jasmine come together, it is like a black and white movie coming alive in technicolor. 

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Try ANNA SUI Fantasia Eau de Toilette

Anna Sui Fantasia

This Anna Sui’s scent is an eau de toilette, but a real powerhouse, ideal for winter. Fantasia opens with sparkling notes of pomelo fruit and spicy pink pepper. The orchid floral heart wraps around a surprisingly decadent raspberry praline note. The perfume concludes with a touch of sensuality thanks to warm woody Himalayan cedar wood and cypress. Simply put, Fantasia is playful, magical and addictive!

To try it, click here:

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