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5 Floral Scents to Keep Wearing All Season Long

5 Floral Scents

5 Floral Scents to Keep Wearing All Season Long

Fall is our second favorite F- word. The first one is Friday. And as you know, on Fridays, we wear florals; but this time with a twist. We choose scents where the petals are soaked in rich cocktails or paired with spices that draw blooms into their orbit and explode in the air like a fragrant supernova. Oh yes, these 5 perfumes on the list are all that, and more.  


True Lust Etat Libre Dorange

Originally combining the most sensual notes from the label’s two prominent perfumes (Putain des Palaces and Dangerous Complicity), True Lust boasts notes of coconut, jasmine, leather and rum—a potent combination that results in a sultry, warm floral scent.

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PRADA Candy Florale

Candy Florale By Prada

Candy Florale is a sparkly floriental fragrance which feels seductive, powerful and feminine at the same time. It’s safe to say its exciting combo of limoncello, peony, caramel and honey never fails to impress. 

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Jason Wu

Pink pepper and fig start off strong in Jason Wu’s incredible debut fragrance. Handpicked jasmine petals, lily of the valley and peonies create an intoxicating floral heart, which dries down to a silky musk base. Classy and minimalist, this one will lend an air of refinement to every occasion.

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VERSACE Signature

Signature By Versace

Made with a heavy dose of artistic flourish, this is a scent that reminds us what Versace is truly capable of delivering.

The lavish and floral heart showcases the true signature of the perfume: a sensual floral explosion of light and vibrant flowers enveloped by warm musk, and delicate wood notes. 

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ACQUA DI PARMA Mandorlo Di Sicilia

Mandorlo Di Sicilia

Fragrance made for daydreaming, a single whiff of Acqua Di Parma’s scent, transports you to the Mediterranean, with softly captivating notes of green almond and ylang-ylang mix. There’s also plenty of zesty citrus, while the blend of cedar wood, vanilla and white musk warrants a classically elegant finish.

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