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Light Blue Swimming In Lipari by Dolce & Gabbana: Fragrant Infinity Pool of Freshness

Light Blue Swimming In Lipari By Dolce Gabbana Scentbird


Light Blue Swimming In Lipari by Dolce & Gabbana: Fragrant Infinity Pool of Freshness

Light Blue Swimming In Lipari By Dolce &Amp; Gabbana Scentbird

Living the island life….endless carefree summer feels, tropical fruit scents compete with salty air all day long and canopy beds that convert you into the great philosopher under the bare, star lit sky.

D&G Light Blue Swimming In Lipari cologne entitles you to bring the carefree island life atmosphere on your skin with this set of Italian native accords packed in the effortless casualty, proudly displaying the Italian stamp of stylish approval.

Easy to wear, with appealing comfort provided only by your favorite shoes, this interesting fragrant spin of the original bestseller is incredibly charming.

There is not a single daring note in Light Blue Swimming In Lipari, but it’s a well crafted, low-key, “natural”-feeling fragrance that perfectly suits a spring mood.

On paper, this fragrance is yet another fresh, citrus mingles with spices cologne. But in reality, it is a goosebumps inducing scent.

Although primarily intended for the stronger sex, I still find it utterly interesting fragrance on my skin. I apply just a bit of it on my wrists, wait for my skin to warm up to this flirting and close my eyes. In front of them there is a movie playing: a merman sporting sixpack emerges from a windswept infinity pool. The water drips from his hair while he effortlessly removes his fin and puts on his sunglasses.

Although he is as elusive as the wind, the scented trail that he leaves behind is what the dreams of summer are made of: sea salt mixed with bleeding rosemary leaves dripping on citrisy juices. The zest of the citrus pinches your nose while the freshness forced by the sea salt is satiated by the grapefruit.

Diffusive and appealing, I like how this cologne has distinctive notes that still morph into the Light Blue scent we all know and love.

Light Blue Swimming In Lipari by Dolce & Gabbana FRAGRANCE FOR MEN NOTES

Top notes: sea salt, grapefruit.

Middle notes: mandarin, aromatic rosemary

Base notes: Ambergris, dry woods, musk.

The most prominent notes are sea salt, Ambergris and grapefruit; the scent’s projection and longevity is moderate as well as the fragrance’s sillage.

Light Blue Swimming In Lipari by Dolce & Gabbana ON SCENTBIRD

Light Blue Swimming In Lipari By Dolce &Amp; GabbanaTreat yourself or someone you love waking up to with this amazing, goosebumps inducing cologne. Flirty and refreshing, Light Blue Swimming In Lipari is beach air and flair in a bottle.

Unlike unfulfilled holiday expectations which can cost you greatly, Scentbird allows you to test the fragrance for a whole month before deciding if it lives up to your expectations or not.

For just $14.95/month, you will get a 30-day supply designer or niche fragrance of your choice. With closely to 500 fragrances, including Light Blue Swimming In Lipari, you are bound to find your fragrant match.


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