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June Perfume of the Month: Atelier Bloem Extraordinary Tulip



June Perfume of the Month: Atelier Bloem Extraordinary Tulip


June is one of the best months to try new floral perfumes—you’re just on the border of summer, and a brillant bloom adds a modern twist of sophistication to a citrus dominated season. A refined, downtempo floral fragrance is versatile, transitioning with ease from day to night, instantly elevating your scent rotation.

Productdetail Image Exttulip Grande D3C9C955 138E 4Db9 8Da4 Ef4123Cbbf69 1024X1024Extraordinary Tulip by Atelier Bloem, a new line from the founders of (MALIN+GOETZ), is our go-to this month. It’s clean and fresh with a pale velvet air of mystery, a great option that can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s one of those fragrances, that while floral, doesn’t tip the gender scale into a particular chromosome.

This eau de parfum offers a varied palette of dark tulip, peppery green notes, musk, woods, and light violets, freesia, and jasmine. The freesia note along with the ivy in the top is what will grab you first: it’s not powdery at all, or gushingly sweet. The greenness and the pale orange-rind of bergamot temper freesia’s overt femininity. A tulip accord, fresh violets, and water jasmine appear in the heart, capturing the beauty of the flower. Blonde woods, a satiny skin musk, vetiver and a touch of amber remain in the end.


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