Hermes’ Un Jardin Collection

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Hermes’ Un Jardin Collection

The Hermes Un Jardin collection brings the outdoors in with a natural, floral, and fruity balance of notes in each of the four fragrances, representative of the four corners of the world.

  1. Un Jardin de Méditerranée

This scent brings  its wearer into an exotic world, and uses the base note of a Mediterranean fig tree as a vehiclefor creating the ambience of a private garden. The other notes in the perfume include cypress tree, juniper, lemon, and bergamot, which uniquely infuse the woody elements of the trees with bright citrus.

  1. Un Jardin sur le Nil

Inspired by the Egyptian Nile, the creators of Un Jardin Sur le Nil layered scents to embody a sweet island breeze. This 875773fragrance is perfect for the strong woman, as its bold notes include grapefruit, mango, lotus, and bulrush. Additionally, Hermes geared Un Jardin Sur le Nil for workouts, so you can count on it to be resilient to sweat!

  1. Un Jardin Après La Mousson

This perfume epitomizes India, with an elegant combination of spices, including ginger, pepper, cardamom, and coriander. Taking contrast from the woodiness and the fruitiness 1408376608742of de Méditerranée and sur le Nil, respectively, Après La Mousson is meant to represent a different palate for a spicier and fiery woman, who encapsulates the sun after a storm.

  1. Un Jardin sur le Toit

Un Jardin sur le Toit is a unique gem, similar to a secret garden hidden in the chaos of Paris that this fragrance is meant to echo. This take on the feminine spirit is a beautifully sweet combination of candy apple, grass, pear, and magnolia.

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