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Take Me to Beach: Ocean Lounge by Escada


Take Me to Beach: Ocean Lounge by Escada

Escada Ocean Lounge Scentbird

Hello, my name is Ocean Lounge.

I have to say, women absolutely love me. When they catch a whiff of me, they say I remind them of salsa dance under the moonlit sky. I perfectly capture the summer spirit of carefree and uncomplicated vibes.

I won’t fool you. I am not a sophisticated, elegant, distinguished perfume which allows for hours and hours of cerebral intelligence talks.

I hate summer black tie events and cocktail parties. But, if you take me to a seaside party, I promise you, it will be the best decision you ever made.

I am the perfume you reach for when you want to enjoy the carefreeness of summer. I am a fun, sexy, feminine perfume.

Ocean Lounge Scentbird

She has a talent for mixing vintage and contemporary, and she looks illegally, incredibly good whatever she throws on her.

She loves experimenting with cooking, so do not be surprised if she calls you in 2 am to invite you over for some garlic avocado mash.

Now, enough about her. Let me tell you something about me. My DNA is a mix of litchi, plum, pear nectar accord and strawberry meringe accord; violet petal sorbet aromas, mimose blossom and jasmine; amber, sheer vanilla and teak wood.

I am fruity and sweet as a pie. I will be your companion if you ever decide to take me on a tropical cruise or beach getaway. I never blend in with the crowd.

No, my presence is felt from the moment you lean in to kiss her, when you will catch a whiff of my fruit cocktail notes, sweetened by the presence of the florals.

Yes, I proclaim proudly: I am the ultimate summer/beach perfume!

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