Happy New Year from Scentbird

Happy New Year Scentbird

Happy New Year from Scentbird

As 2017 comes to an end, I just wanted to truly thank you for being a part of our growing family! We’ve had quite a year at Scentbird, and we’re all feeling particularly grateful and motivated as we set out to explore new opportunities for the upcoming year.

Our journey as Scentbird started three years ago when we were looking for a way to connect with people who loved fragrance as much as we do. With every joy and tribulation, we have built Scentbird step by step, and have been humbled by the support of you, our community. Whether you subscribe, follow us on social media or browse our emails, it means so much to all of us.

We love what we do, and we love that you’re so passionate about fragrance. As we head into 2018, we will be working with exciting new brands, as well as introducing new products that we know will delight you. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and growing another year stronger together.

My hope is that you head into the new year feeling refreshed and inspired. I’ll see you there.

Happy New Year from all us here in New York.


—  Mariya Nurislamova, CEO of Scentbird

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