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The TOCCA Girl Collection: Discover Your Style Profile with Classic Italian Perfume

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The TOCCA Girl Collection: Discover Your Style Profile with Classic Italian Perfume

Scentbird is all about finding yourself through fragrance. Whether it’s discovering your classic, signature style, or if you change your scent profile by the hour, we always strive to introduce you to the most fragrant, timeless, and personally-curated choices available.

TOCCA is an Italian perfume line (“TOCCA” means “touch’ in Italian), with a lightly sensual style and upbeat attitude. Each of their perfumes captures a unique side of feminine glamour and sophistication.

We offer these selected scents from TOCCA for you to bring your own special touch in curating a meaningful and elegant olfactory wardrobe.


Cleopatra, the iconic seductress, commanded ships, and the hearts of men in equal measure. Her fragrance memorably combines some of her personal favorites, including enticing grapefruit, luxuriant Egyptian jasmine, and rich Indian patchouli.

Tocca Cleopatra


Young and beguiling, breezy and bright, Stella’s fragrance echoes her sweet, spontaneous charm with a lavish Italian citrus that weaves in and out of a flirtatious floral heart. Wear generously and live life Italian style.

Tocca Stella


Like her modern classic fragrance, Florence is quintessentially French. A sophisticated green garden floral with a perfectly manicured bouquet of gardenia, tuberose & iris in her secret heart, Florence makes us fall in love again with Paris, the true city of love.

Tocca Florence


Romantic muse Giulietta always inspires great art and passion. A tribute to her forever youthful femininity, Giulietta weds innocent love apples with pink and cream lover’s florals to create a wild garden inspired fragrance worthy of a once in a lifetime romance.

Tocca Giulietta


Colette is inspired by Colette, the great French female novelist. Her 1940’s Parisian sensuality comes alive today in a redolent fragrance suffused with curious citrus, feminine florals, and masculine woods. This is a perfume that dares you to ask and to be asked.

Tocca Colette


Simone is that naturally radiant, sun-kissed beauty the whole world adores. It’s no wonder her fragrance, a blissful luxury of watery fruits and tropical florals, is a happiness-inducing scent. Smell yourself, smile, and see who comes your way.


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