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TOP PERFUME TRENDS: What Will 2018 Smell Like?

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TOP PERFUME TRENDS: What Will 2018 Smell Like?

The expected fragrance trends for 2018 are steering towards more personal blends, although the 2017 trends in perfumery, the spotlight notes such as oud and violet are here to stay.

Perfume fans around the globe are undoubtedly pressuring perfumers into creating scented concoctions that develop into unique fragrant signatures, making these fragrances distinctive to each and every wearer.

This is achieved by using pure, unrefined and often extremely rare ingredients that interact differently with each wearer.

Although artisan and niche perfumers are no strangers to olfactive alchemy, it is expected that several designer and high street brands will launch perfumes in 2018 with at least one rare ingredient as an answer to this demand for authentic (although mass production) fragrances.

In addition to this personalized scents trend, the so called oud fascination will continue to grow, which means we can expect a fair amount of sexy, date night perfumes and colognes to bask in the oud sun.

And of course, unisex perfumes with their gender bending selection and marriage of notes will continue to take over the market of romantic and floral themed spring fragrances.

In the end, no matter what 2018 brings us fragrance-wise, it is to remember that it is all about the wearer of the perfume, not the label on the bottle or its name that it matters.

Perfume was, is and always will be the best accessory to every mood, style, occasion or season.

So do not leave your home without it.

We just love the smell of anticipation in the air!


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