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Get in the holiday spirit with Midnight Fleur by NEST Fragrances

Midnight Fleur By Nest Fragrances

Get in the holiday spirit with Midnight Fleur by NEST Fragrances

A scented representation of the work of 18th century artist Mary Delany, Midnight Fleur emits a multifaceted, vintage floral vibe with an opulent drydown.

Opening with an exhilarating burst of night-blooming jasmine, Nest’s Midnight Fleur swiftly transforms with powerful heart notes of vanilla orchid and exotic wood..

Midnight Fleur NestA sensuous dry-down of patchouli is emboldened by warm black amber, giving the composition both depth and authority. Just like the striking yet short-lived treasures of the rich evening florals, the elegance of Midnight Fleur will instantly provide you with one of the finest fragrant treasures available in a small glass bottle. Although there are no fruity notes specified, a whisper of fresh apple can be sensed upon application. The vanilla orchid is clearly detected, as it has a subtly spicy flair, courtesy of amber. Intoxicatingly bold, and always original, Nest does not disappoint.

With more than 800 positive reviews, Midnight Fleur is a Scentbird fan favorite. Take a spritz, and share your thoughts with our community of fragrance lovers.


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