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Genderless Fragrances Continues To Surge, Find Out Which Ones We’re Loving Now

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Genderless Fragrances Continues To Surge, Find Out Which Ones We’re Loving Now

A great fragrance knows no borders – masculine, feminine, whatever. If you love something and it smells amazing, wear it, own it, live it. Unisex fragrances really kicked off in 2015, and throughout the last few years these scents have been refined and remixed to create the perfect fragrance composition.  

Incorporating exotic plants and earthy accords such as moss, mint and soft woods, genderless fragrances are working with truly unique scent profiles to elevate the marketplace. The florals are domesticated in men’s fragrances and women’s scent are loaded with vetiver and cedar notes. The fragrance lines are not only blurring, they are actually becoming invisible. 

Burberry Burberry Brit For Men Eau De ToiletteFor instance, at the core of Burberry Brit for Men is a lovely rose note, which  results in a fragrance that balances spiciness with soft floral accord- it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Cuiron Helmut LangCuiron by Helmut Lang goes full throttle on the leather note, beloved by both men and women. Whether it’s an interior whiff of a leather handbag or  the smell of a new car, Helmut Lang brings that luxury straight.

El Born By Carner BarcelonaPicture El Born, Barcelona’s artsy neighborhood with a noble history, teeming with small museums and galleries on every step. It’s colorful and vibrant. Now imagine that as a scent and you get this blend of jasmine, Madagascan vanilla absolute, woods and musk, courtesy of Carner Barcelona Fragrance House.

Finally, the most confidence-boosting way to enjoy scent isn’t always about the perfume you wear, but how you feel while wearing it – so if you enjoy it, look beyond the labels on the bottle and wear it, own it, live it.


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