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Found: The Perfect Summer Fragrance For Your Zodiac Sign

Summer Zodiac Fragrance

Found: The Perfect Summer Fragrance For Your Zodiac Sign

With most of our traveling plans out of the window and so much conflicting advice, it’s only natural that we’d look up and seek alternative guidance from above, i.e. the astrological alignments. After an extensive reading and plenty of stargazing, we have found the perfect scents that compliment each star sign during these, dare we say, weird times. Oh, and you of little faith? C’mon, it’s all written in the stars. 


Aries is not the one to blend into the crowd, so the fragrance choice they usually go for is intense and magnetic, just like the astrological Rams themselves. The ideal match is Kat Von D’s Saint. Dear Aries, go on and celebrate your sweet side with Saint’s jasmine and tiare flower over sparkling Mirabelle plum and sheer vanilla. Being a good girl never smelled more sinful. To add this Aries perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Rock Rose
Taurus has the most expensive taste in the entire constellation of the Zodiac (and probably the Universe), and they like anything that feels pampering to their sense of smell. So is it any wonder why we’d recommend this Clive Christian scented perfection? Of course not. This fragrance blends aromatic rock rose, bergamot, black pepper, violet and clary sage into a powerful, luxe and uniquely confident statement. To add this Taurus perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:

GEMINI: ANNA SUI Fantasia Mermaid

Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid
Geminis like to keep up with the latest trends, and their scented preferences are forever changing, not unlike the trends. With a perfume choice like the latest Anna Sui’s fantasy-inducing Fantasia Mermaid, the Twins get to enjoy the ever changing symphony of citrusy pepper opening and the dry down to a tantalizing base of vanilla, honey, tonka bean and blond woods. The best of the two worlds… To add this Gemini perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Not A Perfume By Juliette Has A Gun
Cancer is the introvert of the zodiac, and they prefer something that is completely opposite of flashy. With a romantic, soft energy about them, we think they’ll love Not a Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun. Composed of a single note, ambrox, it has a woody, slightly musky aroma that changes with the skin’s chemistry, so it reflects Cancer’s low key tendency.  To add this Cancer perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Bamboo By Gucci
Unlike Cancer, Leos love flamboyant fragrances. Bamboo is a force to be reckoned with: lilly, bergamot and orange blossom reflect confidence and femininity, epitomized by Gal Gadot, the face of the perfume: superhero with the power of charging across battlefields in high heels.  Punching the air around you with gusto, this sweet white floral is powerful enough to make you retire all of your other summer scent contenders.  To add this Leo perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:

VIRGO: PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Magnolia

Amazing Race Magnolia Philosophy
Virgo likes everything clean, perfect and gracious. This translated into perfume is Amazing Grace Magnolia. Lush magnolia petals sparkle over driftwood and amber –  Amazing Grace Magnolia will carry you through effortlessly to your serene, perfect place. To add this Virgo perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Sunkissed Hibiscus
Libra is the harmony seeker of the zodiac. They like perfumes that combine complimenting notes, without surprising twists and unexpected accords. Which is why we’re certain this Nest number has their name written all over it. Vibrant notes of frangipani and orange blossom are paired with sunkissed amber accord to emulate the intrigue of a luminous hibiscus. To add this Libra perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Scorpios are mysterious and crave emotional intensity. They are the observers, the emotional detectives that bring out others’ true intentions in plain sight. Not the ones to draw attention to themselves, they prefer fragrances that reflect their enigmatic personality. The true match is surprisingly (we know this will make you roll your eyes out loud Scorpio) called Intensity. This mixture of lean-in-closer musk and exotic spices is narcotic and intense, but the most interesting note here is the coffee. Not your average subtle and fragile perfumery note, coffee beans are heady and beguiling, exuding both sophistication and mischief. Reminds you of someone? To add this Scorpio perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Jamaica By Nateeva
Sagittarius is the eternal wanderer. So, when the Sagitarius is landlocked, yet dreams of being somewhere sunny and far away, they should always choose Jamaica by Nateeva.  Your imagination Sags and this combination of Caribbean flowers, vanilla and musk will take you there in a heartbeat. To add this Sagittarius perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Leau Dissey Edt By Issey Miyake
Caps, your style can be described in two words: safe and classic. Because of your element, earth, you are drawn to natural scents like herbs, vetiver, grass and animal scents, from the likes of musk and civet. Your very own zen garden comes in the form of L’eau d’Issey EDT.  It’s like walking barefoot on freshly cut grass before a summer rain. You can smell the scent of lotus leaves drenched in water. And for you Capricorn, that’s the epitome of the perfect perfume.  To add this Capricorn perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Eros Pour Femme By Versace
Aquarius a.k.a. The spontaneity lover. Aquarius doesn’t believe in plans, always supports the underdogs and loves swimming against the current . When it comes to scents, Aquarius will usually seek perfumes that are not related to any specific trend. Case in point: Eros Pour Femme. Classic, elegant and oh-so sexy, the scent blends provocative pomegranate accord with jasmine petals and jasmine sambac absolute for the ultimate lesson in seduction.  To add this Aquarius perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:


Mystic Pearl By Raw Spirit Fragrances
Pisceans are artistic, visionary, and endlessly giving of their time and emotion to friends and projects. They can also get over-excited and need to occasionally “shut down” to preserve their inner strength. Mythologically, Pisces is connected to the deep, mysterious sea, and Mystic Pearl is a scent that’s the most likely to vibe with this connection. A blend of exotic flowers, coconut, sand, and sea water, it’s a perfume that captures the distant lands and the salty smell of the sea shells washed ashore.  To add this Pisces perfect fragrance to your queue, click here:

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