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What is Maskne And How To Deal With This Skin Woe


What is Maskne And How To Deal With This Skin Woe

On top of all 2020 woes, add this one on the list as well: maskne. Face masks are our superheroes, but all that trapped heat and skin friction wreaks havoc on our face, hence the name, maskne. Since SPF, Scentbird case and a face mask must always be on your will-not-leave-home-without list, here’s how to combat maskne and stressed-out skin:

  • Be Extra Gentle With Your Face

When you wear a protective fabric over your face, your skin perspires and the moisture that accumulates under the mask may disrupt the skin barrier. The heat also opens up the pores, enabling the dirt and acne-causing bacteria that’s on your face to sink deeper. And that’s how the breakouts, i.e. maskne happen. Which is why you must always put your mask on a clean face. If you’re using an oil-stripping cleanser, the skin will have to work twice as hard to deal with all the stress and re-balancing the skin’s natural ph. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser that has low pH, hydrates and soothes the skin. Our choice is Hydrating Facial Cleanser by Lavido, which is loaded with antioxidant-rich Vitamin A and has a velvety, moisturizing texture.

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  • Repair Skin Barrier

Fortifying ceramides and lipids are essential in repairing the moisture barrier, the skin’s first line of defence and the bar that prevents water from evaporating. Strong skin barrier means stronger skin, everyone’s holy grail. PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer is loaded with both hyaluronic acid and ceramides to fortify, maintain, and repair skin’s all-important moisture barrier.

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  • Soothe, Hydrate, And Then Hydrate Some More

The skin underneath the mask can be red and inflamed. In that case reach for a soothing product, like Scentbird’s Amethyst Calming Cooling Mask. Powered by Centella Asiatica, a super-soothing white tea extract that helps to calm skin and reduce inflammation, our cooling mask offers sweet relief to sensitive & stressed skin. When the skin has cooled down, work on amping up the hydration levels. Coconut Face Cream by Kopari locks in moisture, soothes inflammation, and protects skin from environmental stressors.

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