Eau de Rich & Famous

Eau de Rich and Famous – Karlie Kloss Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade

Omnia Green Jade By Bvlgari

Eau de Rich and Famous – Karlie Kloss Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade

Karlie Kloss Favorite Perfume

When Karlie Kloss first entered the world of fashion and catwalks, her first question was: Karlie who?

This isn’t a girl who hoped to model all of her life. Modeling is her work, not her life.

Karlie is not just another pretty face. She wants to have a voice, to give her opinion. Her honest opinion.

So, when asked what her favorite scent is, she goes with the scent that reminds her of her teenage years, of a bedroom shared with her sisters.

But since this perfume is discontinued now, she has found the perfect replacement.

Karlie Kloss’ Favorite Perfume: Omnia Green Jade by Bvlgari.

Yes, she is the cover face of the perfume, but there was this one thing that made her accept the deal: the ethereal dance of the notes, an homage to her great love, the ballet.

Karlie Kloss favorite perfume opens with green mandarin, pear and peony, caressing your nostrils with an irresistible beauty. And then come the woody notes, gradually increasing its intensity, density and depth, like Ravel’s Bolero.

The floral and fruity notes leave trails of freshness on your skin.

It’s the perfect perfume for the younger women. The ones who shy away from the sweet scents, and gravitate towards sensual perfumes that induce feelings of independency.

The perfection

And I’m guessing this is why Karlie decided to put her pretty face on the fragrance ads.

Because she wants to break free from the shackles of the stereotypes portraying models as nothing more than human flesh wearing designer clothes.

With this proclamation, Karlie says: I’m not a model, I’m not supermodel, I’m superwoman.Karlie Kloss Favorite Perfume Omnia Green Jade By Bvlgari

This perfume is like an energy drink: all you need is one whiff of the perfume and you feel like you have been recharging your batteries forever, which Karlie probably needs when she is running from one fashion venue to another.

The leitmotif of the perfume

Every perfume starts with story and a leitmotif. Omina Green Jade’s is the beauty of spring morning.

That feeling of waking up to the birds already chirping about their dreams, feeling the cool, yet inviting air, and opening the windows to the aromas of blossomed flowers and green lush. This is the smell. The smell and the feeling that Bvlgari captures so perfectly.

With Karlie’s persona, I can understand her love of the perfume. In fact, I share the same sentiments.

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    The best perfume ever. It smells like heaven

  • Avatar Of Tricia


    I love it I get more compliments on how great I smell

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