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December Perfume of the Month: Vince Camuto Bella



December Perfume of the Month: Vince Camuto Bella

Vince Camuto’s Bella is December’s Perfume of the Month, and its sunny and juicy personality will brighten the darkness of the shorter, colder wintry days ahead. Sometimes a little shot of sparkling citrus is all you need to keep the sun’s warmth nearby, even on mornings when you have to put so many layers on that you can barely walk outside.  

Bella means “beautiful” in Italian, and the inviting warmth of ripe, round nectarines brushed with the buttery sweetness of jasmine blossoms is as beautiful and cozy as perfume can get.  There’s also a delicious hint of smoky, vanillic amber in the base of this perfume that is absolutely ideal for the winter season. (PRO TIP: amber-infused fragrances are the best option for the winter months – their natural warmth and sweet textures help to keep away winter’s chillier feel.)

So bundle up with a quick spritz of this bright and cozy citrusy floral on a scarf or a beanie as well as your wrist to keep scented sunlight with you all day long.  You can even layer this one with a spicier Oriental scent and have the best of both worlds for winter fragrance wear. Spray your spicier fragrance on first, and then top it off with Bella for a lovely, warm, and complex signature scent for December.  


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