December Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches


December Birthdays: Personality Traits + Perfume Matches

Were you born in December – the most wonderful time of the year? This month is all about scents that leave a lasting impression, whether you’re off to an office party or an annual family reunion.

December people have bubbly personalities, living lives with few rules and always looking for fun. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal – when it comes to friendship, December people selflessly try to use their natural “morning person” energy to help make life go as smoothly as possible for people close to them.  So, for you loyal, fun-loving December people out there, here are some of our favorite “Born in December” fragrances to wear while you ring in the holidays:

 Live Colorfully by Kate Spade New York for her and Muskethanol by Aether for him

Live Colorfully By Kate Spade

Live Colorfully’s playful floral adventure stays on the lush, vibrant side.  It features a refreshing blend of coconut water, citrus, and sheer musk in addition to the bright bouquet of flowers for an intriguing and animalic fragrance. The scent ends with a warm mix of amber and vanilla, lending Live Colorfully a sweet, long-lasting finish.  

Why you’ll love it:

December is right in the midst of the party season, and you’ll enjoy how Live Colorfully complements your sweet and playfully outgoing personality.

Muskethanol 100Ml

By fusing damascenone (a chemical compound found in grapes and nearly all wines) with floral musks, Aether’s fizzy fragrance smells like a powerhouse wine with a hint of plum. Musky Ambroxan adds depth, while woody notes help anchor this bold and dramatic fragrance.

Muskethanol is an excellent choice for a boozy scent that will get you plenty of compliments, intoxicate your senses, but won’t induce a hangover.

Why you’ll love it: Boozy scents are fantastic for the holidays: rum, wine, and whiskey-infused fragrances are just what you need in a warm, but wintry masculine scent.

Bonus match: Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Vanille ExtremeVanille Extreme is an addictively sweet scent infused with heliotrope’s almondy floral feel, rich vanilla, and an exotic milk accord.  The milk note gives Vanille Extreme a creamy feel while the lightness of heliotrope mutes the sweetness

Why you’ll love it: Because it will whisk you away to a sun-saturated tropical paradise. As you wear it you actually might hear the sounds of a ukulele strumming and begin to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. In reality the warmth may be from your sweater … but let’s just pretend for now.

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