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August 2021 Cologne of the Month: Morning After by Confessions of a Rebel

Confessions Of A Rebel Cologne


August 2021 Cologne of the Month: Morning After by Confessions of a Rebel

It’s been a while since the last Confessions Of A Rebel release, and we couldn’t be more excited to drop two new scents from the brand as our fragrances of the month for August 2021. Beloved for its genderless, chic niche numbers, Confessions has continually been one of our bestsellers since launching in 2018. On Wednesday we presented Let’s Be Real, our August Perfume of the Month. 

The Newest Confessions of a Rebel Cologne is Here

Today, we invite you to discover our August Cologne of the Month, Morning After, an energizing cologne just as good as the night before. Italian lemon rises to the occasion, a herbaceous mix spices things up, and patchouli radiates a woke-up-like-this vibe.

Confessions Of A Rebel Cologne

“My idea was to create an erotic fragrance with a contrast of very hot and icy ingredients.” – Sebastien Cresp, Perfumer of Confessions of a Rebel cologne

Confessions Of A Rebel Cologne

The disparity between the notes is what makes this cologne truly irresistible because opposites do attract. The energizing and stiff notes break the haze lingering after the chaos and cacophony of the previous night, the sultry mix leaves you with the urge to do it all over again, consequences be damned. 

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