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Confessions Of A Rebel
Morning After
1447 ratings
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Nothing like a fresh fougere scent to break the haze lingering after the chaos and cacophony of the previous night. Vibrant Italian lemon mingles with herbaceous notes like cardamom and lavender, while geranium, artemisia, and coconut wood peek through as the scent warms to your skin. Heady patchouli and tonka bean round out the more energetic notes, while oak moss adds a rich, verdant twist.
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Geranium’s chilly, green demeanor lends itself perfectly to perfume. Geranium has a soft, almost mentholated feel, like a sudden, refreshing gust of clean forest air.  Its natural coolness makes it a wonderful contrast in bright, zesty citrus perfumes, as well as in aromatic men’s fragrances containing buttoned-up lavender notes or corianders’ fiery heat.  Geranium can help take the humid edge off warmer weather, but can also be wonderful for fall’s windy climate and winter’s bright, snowy nights.
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  • Date Night45%
  • Hanging Out37%
  • Office13%
  • Workout4%
About the brand
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Designed for the rebel in all of us, Confessions of A Rebel is the first ever fragrance brand built in collaboration with over 50,000 American consumers. Through our unique co-creation process we’re putting the power back into the hands of the people and giving them a voice in the entire development cycle - from start to finish. The result? Fragrances that are raw, bold, messy, and so damn beautiful.

Smells like a revolution.

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Confessions Of A Rebel
Morning After
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