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August 2021 Perfume of the Month: Let’s Be Real by Confessions of a Rebel

Confessions Of A Rebel Perfume Let'S Be Real


August 2021 Perfume of the Month: Let’s Be Real by Confessions of a Rebel

Let’s Be Real is the Rebel without a clause, purpose, or expectations. It’s the newest member of the Confessions crew, but baby, this one really packs a punch. It lures you in with an electrifying opening, and then the addictive floral takes you in even deeper. Vanilla, musk, and cashmere woods end things on the sultriest note. 

Confessions Of A Rebel Perfume Let's Be Real

The purity of a white flower bouquet contrasted with luxurious woods wrapped in a sensual sweetness that creates an alluring addiction.” – Gabriela Chelariu, perfumer of Confessions of a Rebel perfume Let’s Be Real

Confessions Of A Rebel Perfume Let's Be Real

It’s your date night pick, special occasion booster, or regular Tuesday accessory you won’t be able to resist. Because Let’s be Real, giving in to the temptation is always more fun than watching from the sidelines of prudence.

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About Confessions of a Rebel perfume brand

When was the last time a scent surprised you? Fragrances are supposed to tell a unique story, but if you look at the current offerings in the market, the only surprising thing is how similar they all are — archaic examples of femininity and masculinity, the promise of a false sense of luxury, and uninspired top, middle, and bottom notes.

To hell with all of that.

To hell with perfection and dated idealizations of beauty. To hell with adhering to binaries. To hell with the boredom. Life isn’t a stylized shot of a model spinning through a field of flowers — it’s raw, real, bold, messy, and so damn beautiful. We’re here to capture that. Meet Confessions of a Rebel.

We were born in 2018, holding fast to the idea that the fragrance industry was in dire need of a change, and that change starts with the people. Each scent is built in collaboration with over 500,000 American consumers, who have a voice in the development process from start to finish. We wanted to rebel against the system and rewrite the concept of luxury. We wanted to create scents that spark the imagination. We wanted fragrances that send your senses into overdrive. We wanted to be that moment you can’t contain, that story you can’t stop sharing with your friends, that rush of adrenaline, bottled.

We create scents that tap into that rebel inside all of us, who was laying dormant until coaxed back out into the limelight. It’s time you got reacquainted with them.

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