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Candle Club: Create 24/7 Vibes


Candle Club: Create 24/7 Vibes

We’re of the firm belief that there’s a candle for most moments, big and small. Long day at the office? There’s a scented candle for that. Need to relax? There’s one for that, too. Looking to crank up the romance? We’ve got you covered! From vanilla bean and blackcurrant to white tea and cedarwood, candles are a quick hack for achieving whatever vibe you’re into at the moment.

White Tea & FigScentbird

Smells Like…

Dashing upstate for a self-imposed digital detox with your nearest and dearest, right smack in the middle of nature with a stream trickling somewhere in the background. Steep the tea, grab a bowl of fruit and unwind. This is the antithesis to your grind, your out-of-office aroma every single weekend.

Use when…

You want to run a bath and up the ambience. This 100% cozy candle releases a mix of tea and fresh, fruity notes for 40 hours (and encourages some much needed me time).

Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope

Smells Like…

That year everyone remembered your birthday: icing, candles and happy birthday to you. We whipped up creamy vanilla bean with a sprinkling of heliotrope petals for a freshly baked almond aroma, at once warm and delicious.

Use when

You want something sweet (but not too sweet) and lovely and romantic but not overwrought (trust us, this hits the spot). Light up our blend of creamy vanilla and sensual heliotrope after a dinner with your SO. Low lights, Frank Ocean tracks and no phones.

Black Currant & White Musk

Smells Like…

Your new go-to, the one all of your friends are going to “accidentally” walk off with, it smells that good. A distinct mix of juicy cassis sprinkled with orange, this scent is layered with fresh ivy and jasmine, creating a chill, fragrant vibe. You’ll love it – and so will he. It’s a win-win, trust us.

Use when

You’re entertaining friends and want to make a good impression (be prepared to answer what’s that smell over and over again). The vibrant fruity notes layered with ivy and jasmine will instantly invigorate any room in your home.

Siberian Fir & Cedarwood

Smells Like…

That last-min weekend retreat you booked – no phone, no Internet, no problem. Like a walk in the Nordic woods, smelling crisp fir needles and cedarwood, this scent evokes that just-cut forest feel. Undertones of floral musk deepen and soften the resinous woody notes for a scent that’s mountain fresh, yet comforting.

Use when

You want to take a stroll through a pine forest, with shafts of light twinkling through the canopy, but it’s too cold outside so you do the next best thing: light this exhilaratingly fresh candle.

Our definition of getting lit:

Although paraffin wax is found in most candles in the US, due to certain health risks now a growing number of candle manufacturers are replacing it with soy wax.

Made from soybean oil, soy wax is considered a better alternative to petroleum-derived paraffin.

Hand-crafted in the USA and infused with natural essential oils, Scentbird’s soy-blended candles are custom formulated, no- toxic and super long-lasting. Topped with a cotton wick, our candles are not made with parabens or sulfates

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