Bright Eyes For Cold Weather


Bright Eyes For Cold Weather

We’re all about defying the weather, and having our makeup match attitude, so this fall, it’s all about being bright.

Bright blues, vivid purples and pretty pinks and peach are all unusual – and ideal – options this autumn!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry: we’ve rounded up our top beauty picks from Deck of Scarlet.

Roxette Arisa

Blue goes with everything

Bora Bora’s an eye-catching update on turquoise – super pigmented and supremely tropical.

Slightly shimmering like the sea, Bora Bora can be worn blended-out or bright and bold. Use an angled brush and carefully apply to a primed lid for a maximum color impact, or try it as an accent along the lower lashline, just as the  palette’s artist in chief: Roxette Arisa.

Read our blog post here for a behind-the-scenes peek into how Roxette creates multiple beauty looks, perfect for day or night.


Screenshot Ds 1


Purple is the new millennial pink

Violet, lavender, plum or lilac, purple has been trending amongst beauty vloggers all summer and shows no sign of slowing down.

Violet Rebel, Deck of Scarlet’s second palette, is an ode to this regal hue, filled with “super-saturated violets so bold they’re cocky”.

From the glam rock glare of Sophia, to the mauve blush and purple lip shade, this palette is perfect if you’re considering giving purple a go for fall.

Check out the palette in action here.

Screenshot Ds

Life’s a peach

If you’ve had enough of taupe and brown and you’re looking for an opportunity to tap into fiercely feminine hues then Deck of Scarlet’s Feeling Peachy palette is perfect for you .

Perked-up pinks, airy pops of peach, grounded in warm, neutral browns offers a new way to spruce up autumn eyes.

Editors’ tip: all shades can be used dry, or wet, for a deeper, glam look.

Need some inspo? We love this tutorial by Sonjdradeluxe — it’s wearable, bright, and sure to turn a few heads.

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