Unlike passwords, people’s personalities are truly unique. However, certain exceptional personality traits are linked to people born in the month of September, which undoubtedly influences their choice of fragrance.

Check out September’s olfactory matches:

  • People born in September are known for being meticulous and never make a move without considering the consequences.
  • They are known for being highly intellectual, and they often find popular culture a bit boring.
  • Paying attention to the details gives them a competitive advantage, aiming close to perfection, their favorite destination.
  • People born in the month of September love to take action. They may have good communication skills, but they let their actions do all the talking.
Olfactory match: Narciso EDP by Narciso Rodriguez for her and Terra by Vince Camuto for him

Narciso EDP by Narciso Rodriguez for her

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Eau de Parfum is a woody musk-based composition, promising a velvety, sensual dry down. A grounding accord of gardenia keeps Narciso EDP balanced at all stages, neither too mellow floral at its top, nor too sharp at its base. The result is perhaps one of Narciso’s most elegant and popular creations, a musky scent that is as feminine, creamy and comforting as it is deep and elegant.

Why you will love it: Like all of Rodriguez’s creations, this scent is anything but linear and offers many twists along the way. Every time you wear it, it will surprise you with a different reveal of notes.

Terra by Vince Camuto for him

Terra is a complex cologne that is both confident and irresistible at the same time. Sexy and dynamic, Terra is tailor-made for a man who knows exactly what he wants in life. Terra makes its presence known with an opening of fresh citrus, rounded by smooth sandalwood and geranium. The finishing touch is compelling and earthy with tonka and vanilla notes warming up the scent for a memorable and lasting impression.

Why you will love it: It’s an interesting scent that won’t lose its allure in the fog of masculine accords. Florals and vanilla make it a next-level cologne, perfect for anyone with a refined taste.


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