Black: Personality Types and Black Perfumes

Personality Types And Black Perfumes

Black: Personality Types and Black Perfumes

Night Ludith LeiberThe color black symbolizes obscurity and mystery. Black absorbs all of the colors and presents absence of light.

Fashion-wise, black is the color of elegance and poise. Of classical beauty.

Back to black: black, strong, mysterious perfume

Black perfumes are really strong and mysterious in nature. Like a dark moonless night, dark perfumes arouse our senses and increase anticipation of what it is to come. We all know that the night is made for fun, and so are the black perfumes.

These perfumes exude with luxury, lavishness and sophistication.

But please feel warned: black perfumes have the power to take you over to the dark side, where personal style without a perfume is not a style at all. Once you feel the luxury and the shroud of mystery, you can never go back.

The best black perfumes on the market

Black Orchid by Tom Ford: It’s dark, sensual, sexy, mysterious and strong. When you put on this incredibly powerful unisex perfume, you cannot help but feel assertive and confident… wonder woman if you will.

L`Eau Ambree by Prada: It is a perfume that simply begs you to flirt with the outside world. To be the object of imagination, to be desired, to be playful but never played. Sexy, reinvented.

For Her Eau de Toilette by Narciso Rodriguez: A simple, yet complex scent. It is like taking a leap of faith and plunging into an adventure. You will either love it, or hate it. You will never label it as an OK scent. If you love it, you will call this perfume your soulmate.

Arpege by Lanvin: Arpege is gorgeous, easy, soft feminine perfume that leaves you feel happy, loved and glamorous. It is a timeless classic that has an immediate and strong emotional impact on its wearer. It is complex, lovely and warm, without being cloying or overly sweet.

Night by Judith Leiber: Spicy and delicious, Night smells lux and sensual. Sexy, voluptuous and dramatic. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

CK be by Calvin Klein: Comforting and reassuring, CK Be is clean, fresh, truly unisex. It is politically correct perfume that won’t offend anyone. The only thing this perfume can do is to convert the perfume non-believers into perfume lovers.

Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss by Cacharel: This is for a woman with character’s shot of whiskey. To all modern, charming, rebellious, sexy and witty women… Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss is calling your name.

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