White Color, Personality Types and White Perfumes


White Color, Personality Types and White Perfumes

Dkny-152940_LWhite color symbolizes purity, innocence, perfection, goodness and clarity. White is also the color of positive vibration and fresh starts. These women strive for harmony, sensibility and wisdom.

The true nature of white perfumes

Because of white’s neutrality, white perfumes are often perceived as unisex. They suit perfectly and equally well both women and men.

White perfumes usually come with labels such as clean, light, fresh and pure.

Most of the white perfumes I love and wear frequently radiate lightness, neutrality and incredible freshness.

Fleur De Cristal by Lalique: An exquisitely fresh, feminine & floral fragrance for the women who can pull of elegance while being casual, who can pull of looking relaxed after a hard day, who are refined, affectionate and intimate.

Pure DKNY Verbena by Donna Karan: When you feel good, you do good. This is the perfume that radiates relaxation, exuding its olfactory face in its every note.Sony Dsc

White Woods by Clean: A perfume that can only be labeled as bright. It is rich, light and translucent.

Eau de Cartier by Cartier: Seduction does not always have to be evident. This perfume will seduce you, but so subtly and innocently, you will think that it was you all along who has done the seduction. Elegant, perfect. Innocent, pure.

Eau Parfumee au The Blanc by Bvlgari: Unisex perfume that suits everyone. A relaxed, casual, but elegant perfume.

CK One by Calvin Klein: The King, or Queen of unisex perfumes. Clean, pure, fresh, light, sharp and modern perfume, perfect for those who want to let their style do all the talking.

Omnia Crystalline EDT by Bvlgari: Perfume glowing with serenity and elegance. Light, unpretentious, beautiful, timid and driven scent, which enhances the true beauty of every woman: her inner self.

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