The Best Spring Wedding Colognes

The Best Spring Wedding Colognes

The Best Spring Wedding Colognes

Whether you’re attending a wedding, or standing at the top of the aisle,  finding the perfect scent for the moment is always good grooming etiquette.

We’ve rounded up 4 spring wedding colognes worth celebrating.

VINCE CAMUTO Vince Camuto Original for Men

Vince Camuto Original For Men By Vince Camuto

Spicy underscored with a leathery note , this fragrance is our pick to inject a little elegance into your attire.

An extraordinary alliance between leather and nutmeg, the addition of lavender and musk are sprinkled with mandarin orange.

A hallmark of elegance, Vince Camuto Original for Men simply commands presence.

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Raw Spirit Citadelle

An aromatic woody scent, Citadelle lends itself quite nicely if prefer cologne with an earthy bite.

Spritz on this Raw Spirit number combing vetiver, citruses and woody notes that takes us to  a fresh forest breeze filled with zesty citrus notes – in other words, the ideal outdoor wedding.

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Uomo Acqua By Valentino

This light and highly distinctive scent is the fragrance equivalent of a very expensive suit.

Uomo Aqua mixes green tomatoes with iris and mandarin orange to offer a light, unexpectedly divine fragrance. Our pick for an evening wedding.

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Artisan John Varvatosartisan

The ultimate in seduction, Varvatos’ spicy floral composition will meet your needs for a fine fragrance with vintage vibe.

With a vibrant  citrusy opening, the cologne deepens with ginger and  a bouquet of florals.

This is a scent that exudes quality and individual style.

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