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Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: A Scented Poetry

Scented Poem

Bella Vince Camuto by Vince Camuto: A Scented Poetry


“As a perfume doth remain
In the folds where it hath lain,
So the thought of you, remaining
Deeply folded in my brain,
Will not leave me; all things leave me –
You remain.

Other thoughts may come and go,
Other moments I may know
That shall waft me, in their going,
As a breath blown to and fro,
Fragrant memories; fragrant memories
Come and go.

Only thoughts of you remain
In my heart where they have lain,
Perfumed thoughts of you, remaining,
A hid sweetness, in my brain.
Others leave me; all things leave me –
You remain.”

― Arthur Symons

There are times when I am certain that if Symons had smelled Bella Vince Camuto, the word you in this poem would have been replaced with the word Bella. 

This scented poem starts with Italian bergamot, bright and vibrant, like a morning summer sun. The transition into nectarine blossom and jasmine water is seamless, serene and dazzling. Then enters white amber, and paints the whole composition in luxuriousness.

White amber serenades the fruity/floral mix of notes, expressing its love in the most beautiful way.

A dreamy, unforgettable and elegant scent, with a serene lure, like a lingering, wake up true love’s kiss.

Bella Vince Camuto By Vince Camuto

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