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August Cologne of the Month: Maritime Deep Blue by Tommy Bahama



August Cologne of the Month: Maritime Deep Blue by Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama’s Maritime Deep Blue is an essential must-have fragrance to transition from summer heat to fall crispness. Maritime Deep Blue starts out with a sun-saturated bergamot top note, with its bitterness rounded out by spicy cardamom, aromatic juniper, and piquant rosemary. It’s light enough to keep you refreshed in August humidity, but is complex and strong enough for cooler weather. You don’t want a scent that disappears too quickly from an overload of light, fizzy citrus notes.

Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue 1Maritime Deep Blue then features a heart of cool orris and geranium, matched with water lilies and freesia. And these floral notes set up set up a gorgeous contrast between soft, powdery, and cool tones (water lily, orris, and geranium) and the fuller, sweeter feel of freesia. The freesia’s fullness balances the light, powdered, dewy-green hues of geranium and orris.  This light powder vs subtly sweet heart creates a sensual, floral bridge between your hot and cool scent wardrobe.

Musk, bright cedar pair up with rich patchouli and moss notes in the base to continue the light vs heavy, cool vs hot theme. You’ll need more herbal and green tones come fall in your olfactory selections, and Maritime Deep Blue gets the balance just right, without losing summer’s skin scent vibe from the cedar and musk.

So if this is your first time experimenting with transitional fragrances,or with the Tommy Bahama line, Maritime Deep Blue is a fun, and seasonally-appropriate fragrance to check out.


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