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August Perfume of the Month: Amazing Grace by Philosophy



August Perfume of the Month: Amazing Grace by Philosophy

If you want to smell good and feel good, Philosophy has you covered.  Their scents are the ultimate in wearable elegance and comfort: they lay lightly on the skin, have a gorgeous transparency, and keep a smile on your face throughout the day. Really – what more does anyone need from a fragrance?

Amazing GraceAmazing Grace is just what it says it is: an airy, floral scent with iridescent layers of bright bergamot and soft muguet, and a shining ribbon of musk holding everything together.

Another fantastic reason to get into this line is that they do wonderful work very simply – their sole focus is to make the wearer feel cared about, content, and happy in their own skin. Consider philosophy your BFF in a bottle.

Amazing Grace is ideally a warmer weather scent – it will shine in spring and definitely in summer. Each note refreshes the senses in different ways: the bergamot note is tuned to a bright citrus sheen, the muguet is ethereal, as if a brisk, soft wind was running through the fragrance. And the musk runs like reflected sunlight on a fast-moving river underneath it all.

Amazing Grace adds up to a delightful, laid-back, and sophisticated every day option for day or night that can be dressed up smartly also.  It’s also addictive as anything: do NOT be surprised if everyone you work with wants to know what you’re wearing or asks to borrow it.

If you discover its lighthearted and welcoming vibe appeals to you, definitely try Scentbird’s other philosophy releases: Amazing Grace Ballet Rose, Pure Grace, and Pure Grace Nude Rose.


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