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A Balancing Act: Introducing The Harmonist

The Harmonist

A Balancing Act: Introducing The Harmonist

Approaching perfumery as an art form, The Harmonist is a Parisian maison de parfums seeking to reinvent the journey to yourself through the unique powers of scent. Drawing upon the Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies and acting as a bond between the two, all of The Harmonist’s scents are about finding harmony in difference and peace in the midst of an inner storm. Caught somewhere between the duality of opposing forces, spiritual and sensual, dark and light, old and new, we are beyond thrilled to offer our customer some of the best niche fragrances the world of perfumery has to offer. 

The Harmonist Guiding Water

Guiding Water Lifestyle

Meant to mentally reset all your senses and infuse you with a newfound energy, Guiding Water is a sensual, fluid scent. A fusion of opposites – a spicy pink pepper and a refreshing watermelon twisted with florals and musk, the fragrance evokes that indescribable scent of  torrent rain meeting scorching dry ground. 

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The Harmonist Hypnotizing Fire

Hypnotozing Fire

The Harmonist pays homage to the primordial power of seduction of the vanilla note paired with even temptier praline that melts upon contact with heat. While pimento confirms variety is the spice of life, Bulgarian rose, and patchouli come together to weave a lingering scent that’s truly hypnotizing. 

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The Harmonist Yin Transformation

The Harmonist Yin Transformation 3

If there is a single fragrance that instantly calls to mind Bruce Lee’s “Be like water, my friend” quote, it has to be Yin Transformation. Inspired by the source of life of all living creatures, the water, Yin Transformation alters as the different notes settle on your skin and mingle with your chemistry. A variety of floral petals are drenched in aquatic notes, together creating an infusion that changes the second it meets a warm, soft base consisting of musk, orris root, and sandalwood.

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