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5 WFH Scents to Boost Your Productivity

Wfh Scent Cropped

5 WFH Scents to Boost Your Productivity

Whether you’re working from the boardroom or your living room, these scents are sure to kick-start your motivation.

ATELIER COLOGNE Clementine California


Like that tropical background filter of your video calls, Clementine California fills your nostrils with juicy clementines, forest-fresh juniper berries, and Haitian vetiver, instantly changing the outlook of your everyday routine. Mood? Always positive.

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Akin to a genie in a bottle, Get A Room performs magic and lights you up the moment it escapes from the nozzle. Forbidden fruits, vanilla, and clary sage whirl in the air, reminding you of a bright, sunny morning after an eventful night. 

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An ode to all gourmand delights, Soleil will have you believe in the restorative powers of daydreaming. It starts with a frothy caffe latte enjoyed on St. Marco’s square in Venice, served with almonds and a smile. Sweeter than a lover’s kiss, you’re nibbling on pink pralines while a mysterious stranger places a jasmine bud behind your ear. You move your hands away from your wrists and suddenly you’re behind your monitor, but you still feel the butterflies from your “recent” Italian trip. 

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SISLEY Eau de Campagne

Eau De Campagne

Eau de Campagne is a countryside walk after the spring torrents, bottled. It captures the scent of awakening nature through notes of wild herbs, tomato leaves, bergamot, and lily of the valley. 

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kate spade new york TRULYdazzling

Truly Dazzling

Not your average aquatic scent, TRULYdazzling pulls a rabbit from the hat with its medley of seaweed, salt, and water lily. Taking you back to your happiest seaside memories, this is the scent that will truly put a smile on your face.  

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