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8 Fragrances That Create a Getaway at Home


8 Fragrances That Create a Getaway at Home

Spark joy and boost your mood with these fragrances that whisk you away to your favorite getaway. Create a sense of escapism at home through transportative accords and find yourself stranded on a sea island, somewhere tropical, or in the midst of desert heat. Ready for takeoff? 

For The Ultimate Sea Escape: Skylar Salt Air and Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza

Sea Escape1

Channel a sense of coastal harmony with mineral accords, salt, and a whiff of coconut, which are Salt Air’s most prominent notes. Are you dreaming of an adventure along the azure grottos in South Italy? Neroli, bergamot, as well as other “la dolce vita” notes mingle in the air to conjure the feel of seaside solace and the ultimate luxury. 

Sea Escape

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For Carefree Beach Vacation: Acqua di Parma Mandorlo di Sicilia and Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue

Beach Vacation 1 2

Close your eyes and imagine: The sun is shining bright, kissing your skin, and leaving red trails as proof of its affection. You take off your oversized sunglasses and squint at the azure blue waters at your upscale resort on the Mediterranean, and when you sense the breeze, it carries with it an air filled with almonds, vanilla, and a mix of notes you cannot name, but feels both serene and uplifting. Now mist on Acqua di Parma’s Mandorlo di Sicilia and watch your fantasy as it comes to life. 

In this fantasy of yours, would you rather be on a luxury yacht, sailing and experiencing the thrill of the waves crashing against the ship? Then we’re sure Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue is right up your alley (or should we say, port?). Bergamot, lavender, and clary sage are intertwined with floral hearts and an aquatic undertone, creating a freshness reminiscent of an ocean breeze. Inspired by the pleasure and adventure of sailing, the deep blue waits to spirit you away to distant shores.

Beach Vacation 1 3

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For The Secluded Tropical Retreat: Skylar Sun Shower and Atelier Cologne Clementine California

Tropical Retreat 1

Depart for the tropics with these two scents replete with exotic notes that will transport you to the islands in the middle of the winter. Skylar Sun Shower is abundant with exotic lemon and faraway jasmine tea leaves, while Clementine California threatens to fill you with wanderlust thank to its combo of citruses and haitian vetiver. 

Tropical Retreat

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For The Desert Heat Hideaway: Juliette Has a Gun Sunny Side Up and Bentley Intense For Men

Dessert Heat

We’re at the end of January, but just at the beginning of what it seems like will be another weird year. You’ve had enough of the snow, the cold, the news and you just want to try social distancing, but somewhere hot and away from home. While we can’t promise you a vacation in a desert hideaway, we can promise you the next best thing: a whiff of hope. 

Infused with sandalwood, vanilla, and a heavy dose of optimism, trust Sunny Side Up to draw sunshine even on the cloudiest days. Woody, warm, spicy, and balsamic, Intense is there to wrap you up in its sophisticated veil while you wait for better times to appear at the horizon.

Dessert Heat.1Png

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