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3 Boozy Scents For the Festive Season


3 Boozy Scents For the Festive Season

Whether cancelled, rescheduled, or TBD, the pandemic is doing its best to destroy our festive plans. Leave it to these boozy scents filled with bubbly notes to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to boosting our spirits and mood. We’ll raise a glass to better things in the new year, and mist on these lively libation-inspired scents in the meantime.

VINCE CAMUTO Fiori Vince Camuto 


The bellini note greets you from the instant, giving this scented cocktail an uplifting, vibrant, and addictive quality that makes you feel so good in your own skin. Pink grapefruit adds a luminous edge, while the heart is all about iris flowers and fresh freesia, giddy and light, so we’re certain the prosecco had certainly something to do with it. The drydown is undeniably woody, but with a very sophisticated slant, achieved by the infusion of creamy sandalwood and blue cedar, which lingers so beautifully around you.  

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Vraie Blonde

Vraie Blonde’s effervescent combo of champagne, rose, white pepper, and patchouli is downright irresistible. Just like the Hollywood icon that inspired the creation of Vraie Blonde, this is one fragrance that begs the question: Do blondes have more fun?

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MARC JACOBS Divine Decadence

Divine Decadence Marc Jacob

Champagne has given this concoction an intensely indulgent kick, all the while a confident combo of notes like orange blossom and bergamot support the subtly boozy floral opening.The scent then explodes into a full floral heart, before vanilla, saffron, and amber settle into the drydown on your skin like a scented meteor shower.

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