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Etat Libre d`Orange
Vraie Blonde
229 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Female, $159 Retail value
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Alternative fragrance house, Etat libre d’Orange, is a unique and respected force in the perfume industry that prides itself on pushing boundaries. Founder, Etienne de Swardt, works with notorious perfumers who embrace the creative freedom to produce unusual and remarkable scents that reinvent the pleasures to be found in the sense of smell.

Sparkling pink champagne overflows into pale roses, the warm mink coat feel of myrrh, and a sudden camera flash of white pepper in this heady perfume honoring Marilyn Monroe and the glitter and style of 1950’s Hollywood. Delicate peaches and a sophisticated, luxurious patchouli note keep the premiere party lively.
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The scent of champagne teases the senses with its euphoric, mild fruity aroma. Its bubbly disposition is a harbinger of the fragrance’s character: expect an uplifting and stimulating smell that will dial up the mood and heighten the sense of attraction. Like any celebratory action, it’s best when it’s shared, so the champagne note loves being in the company of fruits, florals, and woody notes.
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  • Powdery28%
  • Strong27%
  • Warm18%
  • Fresh13%
  • Light6%
  • Sweet6%
About the brand
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34 fragrances — all aspirational, all essential. With an emphasis on originality, audacity, authenticity and freedom of expression, Etat Libre d’Orange proposes surprising olfactory compositions, without any limitations in terms of creativity, raw materials, or expense.

This is why the brand has met a growing number of passionate fans who see in Etat Libre d’Orange its singularity, its sincerity, and its adherence to its ethos: luxurious, provocative, sometimes ironic, often subversive, and always elegant.
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Etat Libre d`Orange
Vraie Blonde
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