Hey guys, if you think that  skincare is a female exclusive ritual, think again. Self-care is something every man should get on board with. So if you’re looking to take your grooming regime to the next level while solving annoying issues like body acne or dry, flaky skin, look no further than your girlfriend’s bathroom. Here are 3 products she probably uses that you’ll also love:

If you wonder how your girlfriend maintains her gentle and smooth skin, we can tell you that the secret is exfoliation. Men have more oil glands, sweat more and are more prone to dead skin cell build-up, so get serious about scrubbing to avoid skin issues, such as inflammation and blemishes.

Reach for her Scentbird Foaming Shower Cream enriched with Earl Grey & Blackberry. Creating a rich and creamy lather, this shower cream is especially designed to soothe and help restore hydration, leaving skin feeling extremely soft with a subtle scent of blackberries dipped in earl grey tea. Simply intoxicating!

We can thank harsh winter temperatures for dry, chapped skin. Hands are usually the first to show these signs and the solution is simple: hand cream.

Silky but never greasy, this lightweight cream is delicately perfumed and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving no unwanted residue or tackiness. A calming blend of dewy, crisp cucumber and serene lotus blossom gently hydrates hands to keep them smooth and crack-free. The essential oils and vitamins in this hand cream are soothing and calming to the skin. You can even use it to keep training-related calluses at bay.

Stealing your other half’s perfume is more common than you think, but if you have any reservation about borrowing a fragrance that is predominantly floral, try experimenting: layer your woody/spicy cologne with her floral perfume. The floral notes will mellow out strong “masculine” scents if you’re in the mood for something lighter. You will love it!