Noel au Balcon by Etat Libre d’Orange: Proudly on the Naughty List2 min read

12/22/2017 2 min read
Noel au Balcon
Steve Johnson


Noel au Balcon by Etat Libre d’Orange: Proudly on the Naughty List2 min read

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Noel au Balcon literally means Christmas on the Balcony, in French. But here, because it’s Etat Libre D’Orange, it’s also saucy French slang for the sensual distractions of a curvaceous woman.

Noel au Balcon, the fragrance, is the scent for that same voluptuous woman as she takes over a staid holiday party with her love of adventure, champagne, and the joyous holiday spirit.

Noel au Balcon wears like a wreath made from every single one of your favorite holiday scents – mulled cider with cinnamon sticks, home-made pastries, hot toddies, and yummy treats hiding in the bottom of your holiday stocking. Its warm burst of pure holiday spices and sugary fruit– sweet, caramelized apples, cinnamon, and endless drizzles of delicious honey – will keep your mischievous yuletide spirit comfy and warm against the winter’s chill.

Noel au Balcon’s spicy sweet abandon is a sly, sexy holiday fragrance choice, and will keep you in good spirits as you navigate the shops for that last-minute gift. Its honeyed warmth is all the temptation you’ll need to spend the holidays proudly on the Naughty List until New Years.


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